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(e) When a policy is canceled other than for nonpayment of premium or in the event of a refusal to renew or continue a policy, the insurer shall notify the named insured of his possible eligibility for insurance through the Georgia Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan.

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After 60 days, Georgia law restricts cancellation in what is known as the “term period.” During this time, your Georgia homeowners insurance policy can only be terminated if you fail to pay for your premiums, file a false claim, are charged with a felony or fail to keep the property in safe conditions.

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Insurance companies are required to notify homeowners in advance of when they plan to cancel a policy. If a cancellation takes place right after a policy is put in place, an insurer typically can give a homeowner 45 days notice of cancellation.

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(a) This Code section shall apply only to policies of insurance against direct loss to residential real property and the contents thereof, as defined and limited in

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This Regulation made and promulgated by the Commissioner of Insurance . are authorized by law in the event of an abusive nonrenewal or cancellation or in


can't get coverage, contact the Georgia Fair. Plan at (770) 923-7431 If the termination is legal and disaster, will my homeowners insurance cover my house?


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After 60 days, Georgia law restricts cancellation in what is known as the "term period." During this time, your homeowners insurance can only be terminated if

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This guide breaks down homeowners insurance cancellation, nonrenewal, Companies are required by law in most states to give a written notice to the

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