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Yes, landlords in Georgia can require renters insurance. As long as it's a provision of a new or renewal lease, and not a mid-term change, the requirement is perfectly reasonable. Additional coverage is available, but every single renter should have renters insurance for their own protection.

2019 Atlanta, GA Renters Insurance Guide - Effective Coverage

Keep in mind that the insurance provision in your lease carries the same force as any other part. That means that the landlord has the same set of remedies against you if you don't comply with the requirement. It's much easier to pay a few dollars a month for Atlanta renters insurance than to find a new apartment.

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Local Tenant Rights, Laws, and Protections: Georgia. Know your responsibilities as a tenant. Read your lease agreement carefully! Landlord-Tenant Issues and

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There is no law which requires tenants to purchase renter's insurance but a landlord is not prohibited from requiring tenants to purchase renter's insurance. The lease should be read carefully to determine what insurance, if any, a tenant is required to have.

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Insuring your Georgia residence with Nationwide's flexible renters insurance policies has never been easier. Start a Georgia renters insurance quote today.

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Renters Insurance covers your belongings, & replaces them if lost. You'll have an out of pocket deductible (again, the minimum for GA is $500) that you will

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Find out key laws every Georgia landlord and tenant needs to know.

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A summary of Georgia Landlord-Tenant laws on Rent, Security Deposits, and Georgia Consumer Guide for Homeowners Insurance (PDF)

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NOTE: Additional requirements may apply to leases drafted for longer than a year and an attorney may need to be consulted. ➢. Renter's Insurance. A landlord's

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Find out what renters insurance covers, how to compare renters "We recommend $300K in liability coverage minimum. . Georgia, $184.