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Waiting times for an outpatient appointment in Germany differ between insurants of the statutory and private health insurance schemes, especially for specialised care. The aim of this study was to uncover possible differences in waiting times depending on health insurance scheme

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Long waiting times for health care is an important health policy issue in many countries . Hospitals in Germany measure waiting times, but waiting times are not

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Branwen Jeffreys asks if more spending on healthcare in Germany improves that patients can sometimes wait months for a similar routine operation. to improve their health provided locally, which frees up time for the GP.

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The German health care system has been recognized as one that provides good quality care with attentive service in which wait times are not considered to be a

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Ontario no longer has shortest health-care wait times in Canada · Bacchus Barua , Ben Eisen Merkel should stand her ground and protect German health care.

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The German healthcare system is one of the best in the world, with universal coverage Waiting times are generally good for emergency care.

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In terms of access, though, Britain excels, with shorter wait times and fewer . Germany's system and Switzerland's have a lot in common.

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It describes how waiting times are measured in OECD countries, which differ widely (February 2013); Measuring and Comparing Health Care Waiting Times in

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This guide explains how to access the German healthcare system: for 18 months, after which time you can switch to another government scheme. where you can just turn up at the surgery but be prepared for a long wait.

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Our latest survey found that in 2016, overall, patients were waiting 20 Wait Times Shouldn't Be The Price We Pay For Universal Health Care.