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If you are not absolutely tied to Google Maps, you could try It allows you to export the map data in various formats, including SVG. To generate an SVG of the current map, click the "Share" button on the top right, then change "Format:" to "SVG".

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Goodbye Google Maps, hello OpenStreetMap! Step 1: Use the Share Menu. It's not the most obvious part of the user interface, and it's by no means perfect as a function. Step 2: Select Your Custom Dimensions & Download. Step 3: Open The SVG File In Sketch. Step 4: Slice & Export. Step 6: Relax, Your Work Is Done.

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This is the best source for the answer: Export custom Google Maps view to only way to achieve something similar to Google maps in vector format (like SVG or

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Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator showing a Maperitive-generated SVG map. You can examine the Server Load Statistics to find a good time to create an SVG.

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Google Maps with custom SVG overlay. If you don't already have Google API key stored in MapSVG, add it now by cliking on Google API button on MapSVG start screen. You'll see full-screen Google Map. Open SVG file downloaded from MapSVG in your vector editing software.

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Tutorial: how to add Google map with SVG vector map overlay to WordPress of SVG map to make it semi-transparent so Google Map could be seen through.

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I have a google map of a city in India. it. I need to get it convert to svg format. Please let me know the time and cost required for it. Show trimmed

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Assuming you have permission to do so from the content owner and are not creating copyright issues for yourself or others you share it with,

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You can get something pretty decent with Map > Switch to rules > googlemaps SVG or .AI file formats for use in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.


You can also export these maps into bitmaps and SVG files and print them. If you find Maperitive useful and you think the author should get some reward out of web maps browsing; 3D export into COLLADA format; OziExplorer and Google