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The Yahoo Finance API is not officially The data (including stock prices, indices and

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Finance offers the capability to download basic stock price information into Excel. For users who have created their own portfolios, in Yahoo! Finance there is a

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The best way for them to notice this plea to get stock price functionality back into Excel is to upvote my posted request. If it gets enough votes,

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This excel sheet is designed to help you get Yahoo Finance Stock Quotes in Excel, i.e., to import the stock data from Yahoo Finance into the excel sheet for any

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I'm trying to make some personal finance excel spreadsheets right now, and the only thing I can't figure out is how to get stock price data into Maybe from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, etc. 7 comments; share; save.

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Last week, Yahoo Finance apparently shut down the API that Excel another way to automatically download free stock quote information? 0 0

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OpenRead("" + symbol.Trim() + .

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Yahoo Finance publishes delayed stock quotes from over 60 world exchanges through the Yahoo YQL web service. Our product Market.rtd allows getting and

[Yahoo Finance no longer works - Alternatives to download *Edit this no longer works due to Yahoo abruptly

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Download the file from, yahoo-finance