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Given the weight I put on personal statements when I read them, going doctor who wants a career in health law; the school superintendent

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Through their personal statements, current students share their greatest influences, professional aspirations, and why they applied to BU Law. Learn more. Kathryn Gevitz: Lifelong health care enthusiast determined to enact reform.

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Personal Statements for Law Schools *Power point in PDF form summarizing do's and don'ts, with actual prompts and length restrictions from 9 popular law

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The personal statement provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your writing skills and to present information that the application itself did not highlight. Law schools use the personal statement in two important ways: first and foremost, the personal statement is a sample of your writing.

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After your LSAT and GPA, your personal statement is the most important part of your law school applications. While every personal statement is, by its nature, different, there are a few basic points to keep in mind as you write. The overarching principle is simple: Consider your audience.

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Personal Statements. We're delighted to call these students NSU Law Sharks! . I have divorced parents but thankfully they are alive, healthy, and loving.

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Your personal statement is an opportunity to present yourself as more than an LSAT score and GPA. The personal statement sets you apart from other

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Personal Statement- Applicants submit a personal statement as part of the application process for almost all law schools. The purpose of the personal statement

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Most law schools require a personal statement. Others may allow a .. excuses if I fail, for I have always had the privilege of good health and a good family. I am.

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(1) This is the word for word Personal Statement of an applicant (who to use it) who elevated above a top law school's medians and was admitted. . how she worried about her father's health, and how the boy in her drama