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The Daily Telegraph stated in 2017 that health tourism was costing the NHS £ 2bn a year4 and said in 2016 that “NHS hit squads” would collect

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Health tourism is a wider term for travel that focus on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services. It covers a wide field of health-oriented, tourism ranging from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitational and curative forms of travel. Wellness tourism is a related field.

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Health tourism: what's the cost? How much does the UK recover in health costs from the EU? Health tourists: How much do they cost and who pays? 18th Jun

8,900 checks on NHS 'health tourists' find just 50 liable to pay

A pilot scheme set up by Jeremy Hunt to check whether patients were entitled to free NHS care found only a tiny number were ineligible, the

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Patients who travel to another country to seek health care are referred to as medical tourists. The term arose because many Americans seek

Only 50 'health tourists' identified in London checks | News Article

Just 50 patients have been charged for their use of the NHS, out of 8900 who had their ID checked as part of a Government pilot.

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Health tourism is costing the NHS £2billion a year and freedom of information figures show a non-EU patient was treated at a Manchester

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Patients will be made to pay “upfront” charges for treatment in an attempt to combat the £2 billion lost to “health tourists” every year. But, the

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Providers of NHS treatment are required from Monday to make sure patients in England are eligible for free care - and to charge them up front if

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Foreigners are costing the NHS trillions of pounds a year, according to the latest government report on health tourism. People are pouring into the country to