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Just like a business dashboard, a healthcare dashboard manages and tracks healthcare information data, KPIs and other essential metrics to analyze the data of a particular healthcare department, a specific medical process in a hospital, or a private clinic. These metrics can be measured in a dashboard.

Healthcare Dashboards: Examples of Visualizing Key Metrics & KPIs

And while some of the dashboard metrics tracked by healthcare organizations can be fairly similar to the ones monitored in other industries – such as finance or marketing – the use of business intelligence in hospitals presents a unique set of potential insights that can help physicians save lives by providing more

Healthcare KPIs & Metrics - Explore The Best Healthcare KPI

A healthcare KPI or metric is a well-defined performance measurement that is used to monitor, analyze and optimize all relevant healthcare processes to increase patient satisfaction. Many of these metrics are actually specific key performance indicators for hospitals.

Building a Powerful Hospital Scorecardby Keeping It Simple!

metrics and scorecard, this approach focuses on creating a usable scorecard for healthcare executives, managers and clinical decision-makers to rely implement adaptive scorecards, dashboards and online reports in a matter of weeks.

25 Healthcare Metrics & KPIs To Begin Tracking Today

Are you tracking the right healthcare key performance indicators? Take a look at 25 of the most important metrics.

Why Interactive Healthcare Dashboards Are Gaining Momentum

Need a healthcare dashboard that goes beyond static, easy-to-ignore data? Figure 2: Healthcare dashboards provide easy-to-read metrics for users of all

Healthcare Dashboards vs. Scorecards to Improve Outcomes

Should healthcare leaders use dashboards or scorecards in their outcomes dashboards tell systems what's happening now using interactive metrics with

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What are Healthcare Dashboards? A Healthcare Dashboard is a reporting tool that provides professionals an interface to track and monitor healthcare metrics.

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Click here to watch a brief demo of the Guiding Metrics dashboard. According to a Modern Healthcare review of the data, a total of 101 hospitals received the