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While these momentous events are taking place in Great Britain, the . in respect of unemployment and health insurance, workmen's compensation, and

Unemployment and Health Insurance in Great Britain, 1911–37

Great Britain in 1911 enacted two social insur- ance laws to protect workers against the risks of unemployment and sickness—one an unemploy- ment insurance

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Read the InterNations GO! article about Unemployment Benefits in the UK and funds (this applies also to NHS healthcare, except in medical emergencies);

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The population of Britain is at present nearing 60 million people, a figure which shows a substantial increase from the 1991 census statistic of approximately 55

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Publicly financed health care: In 2014, the United Kingdom (U.K.) spent 9.9 percent of GDP on health care, of which public expenditure, mainly on the NHS,

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British citizens/EEA/Swiss nationals who are visiting the UK may be charged for NHS The final decision to charge will rest with the healthcare provider.

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The United Kingdom provides public healthcare to all permanent residents, about 58 million . young children and the younger unemployed) are often hidden.

Universal Health Care: Lessons From the British Experience

Britain's National Health Service (NHS) was established in the wake of World War II . programs for unemployment, child support, medical services, public health, .. Appleby J. Funding UK health care from general taxes—time for a change?

Healthcare in Great Britain vs. healthcare in the USA: part one

Not long ago I sat down with Chris Smyth, a health journalist for The Times of London, who was traveling in the US to research American healthcare. Meanwhile

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But the respected US Commonwealth Fund health thinktank ranked the UK first in its most recent study of healthcare in 11 rich countries (June