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A new report shows why American health care performs so poorly compared to its rivals—and suggests the Obamacare replacement proposals

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As Republicans decide what to do with the current healthcare policy, nearly 26 million Americans remain without insurance – and that number

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European health care,” Mr McConnell said. . America spends vastly more on administration: 8% of health spending, versus 2.5% in Britain.

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Since the United States is a very rich nation, many would like to believe Americans are healthier and better off with their public healthcare

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A new report in JAMA indicates that the American healthcare system fares quite poorly. We disagree and feel compelled to address this.

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But as an American being in the European health care system, what strikes me as strange - there's no money transactions. You know, there's

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Should the US change their healthcare system to one like the European nations have? However, America doesn't have a single healthcare “system”, so my

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U.S. vs. Singapore: A Mix of Ideas. The United States has a mix of clashing It's hard to defend the messy American health system, with its mixture . is less equitable than many other European systems, including Germany's.

U.S. Health Care vs Health Care Systems in Other Countries

A discussion about US health care costs. Health care costs in US vs Europe .. the