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The health care dilemma: comparing France and the US

America vs. France: money doesn't mean quality. The United States has been ranked last in the quality of its health care system among similar

Health Care in France and the United States: Learning from Each

The health care systems of both France and the U.S. face crises of unprecedented scope. Both countries possess large and growing elderly populations that

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The health care systems of both France and the U.S. face crises of unprecedented . than the French (17% versus 13%) for personal health care spending.

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U.S. vs. Singapore: A Mix of Ideas. The United States has a mix of clashing Everyone in France must buy health insurance, sold by a small

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As Republicans decide what to do with the current healthcare policy, Under France's state-run equivalent of the UK's NHS, the majority of

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France's health care system has been called “Bismarckian”, as has most countries, and should therefore be of central concern for us all.

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Birth rate > Crude > Per 1,000 people: Crude birth rate indicates the number of live births occurring during the year, per 1,000 population estimated at midyear.

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Healthcare Systems US vs France Brittany Frechette Healthcare in the US.

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It stands to reason, then, that US health care reformers should have spends exactly twice as much on health care as France, with less to

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NYU Health Policy and Management Professor Victor Rodwin highlights what France is doing