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Foreigners getting public health insurance in Germany. As for the citizens of the other EU member states, EEA and Swiss citizens, if they already have an European Health Insurance, they are eligible to have free access at the German health institutions, while in country temporarily. However.

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Government Health Insurance System (GKV) Most German residents (approx. 70 million people) are members of the government health system. If your gross salary is less than 60,750 Euros per year, or 5,063 Euros per month in 2019 then membership in the GKV is mandatory.

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By law, all official residents need to be insured for hospital and outpatient medical treatment through state or private health insurance in Germany. It is also mandatory to show proof of health insurance to apply for a German visa or residence permit, so visitors to Germany also typically need to be covered.

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Moving or traveling to Germany, or planning on studying there? too: MAWISTA Employee, which is designed for foreigners up to age 66 who

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Germany Health insurance for foreign students, guest scientists, language students and trainees in Germany.

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Health insurance cover for foreign nationals working and living in Germany and for visitors in Germany.

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Moving to Germany? Get your health insurance advice? ✓ Quotes for Employees & Expats ✓ Healthcare for Residence Permit and visa ✓ We speak English

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If you want to immigrate permanent to Germany and apply for a residence permit, you need to take out German insurance. Without Health Insurance for Foreigners » First of all it is important to know the basics of the German Health System.

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Learn how to get health insurance in Germany, and learn the difference between private and public insurance. N26 offers easy advice for

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Can every foreigner apply for membership at German public health insurance ( gesetzliche Krankenversicherung)?. Do I need to have a job to get health