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Health care in Sweden for foreign citizens. If you are a foreign citizen, and fall ill during a temporary visit to Sweden, you are always entitled to receive emergency and necessary health care. In some cases, you can receive health care at the same cost as those insured in Sweden.

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The following web pages are for people who require healthcare in Sweden but are covered by social security insurance in an EEA country (European Economic Agreement) outside of Sweden. As a visitor to Sweden, you are entitled to health and medical care on the same financial terms applicable to Swedish residents.

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Sweden has one of the world's best universal healthcare systems. So if you're considering a permanent relocation or are just visiting

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If the worst thing happens and you get sick while travelling in Sweden, you'll want to Our guide to healthcare in Sweden has more information on how these

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My in-laws were here on visit for a month, unfortunately for us, my Who do you think paid to build the hospital, pays the healthcare employees

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Foreigners legally resident in Sweden are entitled to healthcare on the same terms as Swedes. Costs are capped at 900 kronor a year for doctor's visits, and similar low amounts for other medical care. Patients are issued with 'high cost cards', which help ensure they don't cough up more than they have to.

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To locate a medical provider, please use the Health Information website ( Swedish). Hospitals. Danderyd Hospital Mörbygårdsvägen 88 08-123 550 00.

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Healthcare in Sweden is largely tax-funded. The system ensures everyone has equal access to healthcare services.

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In case you find yourself in an emergency during your stay in Sweden, dial 112. Emergency For more information, visit the Baywater Healthcare website.

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This card gives you the right to medical care at the same cost as Swedes. Should you still need to consult a dentist here, visit to find local listings.