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0L interested in health care law. Looking for feedback from anyone currently pursuing this path. What does the market look like for this

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I'm looking for advice as to whether or not I should attend law school. I have a In December, I will graduate with my Masters in Healthcare

Anyone specializing in Health Care Law? : LawSchool - Reddit

I'm still a junior undergrad government and politics major at the University of Maryland . I️ really have an interest in health care law and

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I'm struggling here to come up with a topic to write my note on. Any ideas for topics that involve health law in some way? Bonus if it involves

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[Discussion] In 2013, the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that 25,000 obesity-related American deaths from diabetes, cardiovascular

What is the process to get a job in healthcare law? : LawSchool

For example, to be hired as an attorney for a hospital. I know there are probably multiple paths to take but I can't seem to find much information.

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My name is Yulian and I am an attorney from New York who focuses on health law. A majority of my clients are physicians and other health care.

CMV: A career in medicine is the only safe and logical way to

If you work as a banker on Wall St, a lawyer in some large law firm, or a In my eyes, it makes a ton of financial sense to go to medical school.

What kind of people are happy in this profession? : law - Reddit

I knew I wasn't cut out to be a corporate lawyer before I went to law .. Where I am in Florida, the bar acutally has a mental health toolkit for

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In almost all other rich democracies, money to pay for health care is today raised by a . Delay In Major Health Law Provision Raises Doubts At Critical Stage Of