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However, before we begin to predict this year's trends, let's take a quick look at what trends dominated healthcare marketing in 2017. Interested in a must-have collection of 110 marketing ideas for your medical and dental practice in 2018, click below.

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Perhaps the only rock-solid prediction for 2018 is that hospital, medical group and healthcare marketing is the ever-present challenge to keep pace with change.

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For its "2018 Healthcare Marketing Trends Playbook," Smith & Jones analyzed statistics, leading healthcare marketers and effective tactics to

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Healthcare relies on in-person treatments, but that doesn't eliminate the need for marketing. Check out the 6 online healthcare marketing trends

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Healthcare Marketing Strategy: 10 Tips for 2019. December 20, 2018. By Betsy McLeod. Picture this: It was allergy season, 2008. I was locked inside, buried by

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These trends played a role in shaping the new healthcare marketing trends for 2018. So without any further ado, let's take a closer look at the

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Here are six healthcare impact trends that will challenge marketers in the upcoming year.

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2018's emerging healthcare marketing trend playbook and how to leverage these trends right now, to get ahead of the competition in 2018.

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The healthcare industry is evolving in 2018 and marketers who can easily adapt to trends have the best chances of setting their companies up

Healthcare Marketing Trends 2018: Data on Current Industry Trends

We found that the biggest healthcare marketing trends for 2018 fall under four core pillars: healthcare marketing and healthcare delivery