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Marketing Health Services - How Are Things Different?

In many respects, marketing a health care organization or practice is not substantially different from marketing a small business in other industries.

Knees vs. Nikes: How Buying Health Care Isn't Like Buying Shoes

The health care market doesn't, and probably cannot, function in the same relatively simple way markets for other goods and services do.

Why Healthcare Marketing Is So Different From Traditional

Using traditional marketing techniques for healthcare is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Headspace vs. heart space One way to provide these services while also gaining visibility is with social marketing–a

About the Marketing of Healthcare Services and Products |

Marketing healthcare services and products presents unique challenges compared to other consumer goods and services, because it deals with health

4 Ways Health Care Is Different from Other Industries - Health Works

No health care market is completely vertically integrated except for some nationalized health care systems. In mostB2C markets, the person who selects and buys a product or service is the same . Brand Awareness vs.

What are the biggest differences between healthcare marketing and

What are the biggest differences between healthcare marketing and other . been seen in the Highmark versus UPMC battle waged in public media campaigns. . universally true for all products/services that could possibly fit in this category.

A Retail Marketing Approach to Healthcare Helps Drive Proactive

The model for exceptional customer service isn't necessarily found in healthcare. Here's how a retail marketing approach in healthcare can

Recognizing the Differences between Healthcare and Other Industries

Healthcare services have experienced significantly lower productivity . administrators are marketing private rooms; gourmet food; and, other

How are Healthcare & Retail Marketing Alike? – The Spark Report

Just like retail, healthcare now includes more stand-alone and strip-mall type locations and facilities. However, when it comes to marketing,

Marketing Health Care or Health Care Marketing: Is There a

It's easy to see why some might be uneasy about marketing health care products and services. Few businesses face the level of regulatory and