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6 Healthcare Marketing Ideas to Cure Your Social Media Woes

Healthcare marketing can also: Educate your patients: Social media and content marketing allows physicians to share useful information with patients. This helps support preventative care initiatives and also makes it easier for clients to determine what kind of medical care they need.

Social Media in Healthcare: A Surgical Guide for Marketing

Healthcare providers are in a unique position when it comes to their social presence. After all, you're marketing a service that represents a human necessity rather than a potential impulse buy. And between rising healthcare premiums and patient anxiety, winning over your target audience is easier said than done.

3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Healthcare Marketing Efforts

Healthcare marketers can take advantage of social media in patient marketing, physician collaboration, and population health initiatives.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing Services | GMR Web Team

Social media marketing in the healthcare industry involves patient engagement through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Yelp. An active presence online shows that you're eager to interact with patients, care about their experience, and that you're aware of the latest healthcare information.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing Services - Grow Your Presence

Our healthcare social media marketing services are sure to help you expand your brand's reach, create more awareness online, and drive more traffic through

Facebook: Social Media Guide in Healthcare Marketing

Editor's Note: This is an installment in our continuing series of articles about the intersection of social media and healthcare marketing. A Facebook presence is a

Social Media is Changing Healthcare - Healthcare Success

Social media has become a primary means for healthcare providers interact, engage and attract new patients as part of an overall marketing plan.

8 Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in Health Industry

Social media marketing tips, strategies and success stories to help the healthcare industry. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ innovatively for online marketing.

5 Exemplary Examples of Healthcare Social Media Marketing Success

The most effective marketing programs do more than educate; they resonate with the public, eliciting an emotional response that isn't easily