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For example, BlackRock is the largest investment manager in the world with around $6.4 trillion assets under management in all types of fundsand AQR Capital Management is the largest provider of public mutual funds following hedge fund strategies with $23 billion in public hedge fund assets under management in addition

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Notable hedge fund managers. George Soros of Quantum Group of Funds. Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund firm with US$160 billion in assets under management as of 2017. Steven A. Cohen of Point72 Asset Management, formerly known as founder of S.A.C.

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Hedge funds are the wild cards of financial markets. Some sharply criticize their activities, but others say they bring valuable diversity to markets

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Everyone who is interested in the investment and financial market, should know the all about the 75 largest hedge funds in the world. Read about them below!

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It is only the second year in more than two decades that hedge funds' assets under management have declined. The industry has gone through

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Hedge funds are companies that make it their business to combine insurance and investments in one tidy package. They deliver their services on a global.

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Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, AQR is known for utilizing both traditional and alternative investment strategies. Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates remains the largest hedge fund in the world, with just under $125 billion in AUM as of mid-2018.

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With return levels industry-wide hovering at 5.4%, 2016 was a rough year for most hedge funds. In comparison, the S&P 500 returned 11.9%,

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Hedge funds - the so-called 'smart money' - are worth monitoring when you're searching for the best stocks to buy. Here are their most widely

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Like mutual funds, hedge funds are pools of underlying securities. Also like mutual funds, they can invest in many types of securities—but there are a number of