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The 2% management fee is paid to hedge fund managers regardless of the fund's performance. A hedge fund manager with $1 billion of assets under management (AUM) earns $20 million even if the fund performs poorly.

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Most common is as a percentage of investment profits, often both realized and unrealized. It is largely a feature of the hedge fund industry,

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Hedge fund fees are often higher than those of mutual funds and they frequently involve both a management fee and a performance fee. A commonly-quoted hedge fund fee is “two and twenty”—an annual two percent of assets fee plus 20 percent of the gains over some base return or “hurdle rate.”

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Management fees typically range from 1% to 4% per annum, with 2% being the standard figure. Therefore, if a fund has $1 billion of assets at year-end and charges a 2% management fee, the management fee will be $20 million.

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The 2 and 20 is a hedge fund compensation structure consisting of a management fee and a performance fee. 2% represents the management fee ( flat rate fee)

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Hedge fund managers receive a management fee (typically between 1%-2% annually) plus a percentage of the funds performance (often set at 20%).

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One reason hedge funds have become so popular is that money managers want to Most hedge funds take a percentage of the profits as a performance fee

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The challenge with hedge fund fees is that they typically come with two components. Most hedge funds charge a fixed fee based on a percentage of assets

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Average management fees declined to a record low of 1.43 percent in the first quarter, according to a statement Wednesday from Hedge Fund

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A traditional fee structure of “2 and 20” (a 2 percent management fee number of hedge funds have lowered their fees to about 1.5 percent of