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That's the simple meaning of heterogeneity in service marketing. Example – A doctor who pays attention to you today will lose your service if

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Fundamental characteristic of services which results in variation from one service to another, or variation in the same service from day-to-day or from customer-to-customer. Heterogeneity makes it hard for a firm to standardize the quality of its services. Opposite of homogeneity.

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Services have five characteristics - perishability, lack of ownership, intangibility, inseparability and variability/heterogeneity. For example when you buy an aeroplane ticket to fly to the USA, you are buying a service which

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Heterogeneity: Services delivered vary in quality, time consumed in delivery and example a 200 room hotel that only sells about 160 rooms for particular night.

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For example, in the case of two fast food chains serving a similar product . Despite the heterogeneity of service quality, It is the quality of the service that will

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Intangibility is assigned to the service offering, heterogeneity and inseparability to customer resources, and perishability to the facilities of the provider.

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For example, services cannot be patented and thus create problems for new product Heterogeneity reflects the potential for high variability in the output of

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Heterogeneous products are products with attributes that are significantly different from each other, which makes it difficult to substitute one product for another. An example of a heterogeneous product is a computer. You really can't substitute a PC for a Mac, because each computer platform is too different.

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Service businesses have unique aspects that create both opportunities and challenges So if I were to explain this with an example where I'm going to ask you,.

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