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I'm a 23 year old recent college graduate that is soon to start my career in the corporate world. Furthermore, I want to acquire some high

To all of you making well into the 6 figure range, how'd you do it

I quit my job and now making a comfortable six figure income from home. got promoted to a higher pay grade and got the maximum salary .. After thay you need to keep improving your skills and marketability and also

What are some good high income skills to learn in your free time

I learned how to fly gliders. That activity has massively impacted my perception on risk.

What would you say are the best high income skills to learn

I've looked into things like copywriting I just have no idea where to start , do you guys have any more suggestions of some high income skills I

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Linux Administration. Easy and cheap to learn and for $400 (iirc) you get an RHCSA which can land you a really good paying job.

[Serious] What's the one high-income skill that you could learn

Learning how to function at a high level on minimal sleep.

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The churning of high income earners is pretty amazing. of Americans who reach “top 1 percent” income status will enjoy it for only a single year. .. This doesn't apply if your skills are in demand and will continue to be in

Survey: What are some "fuck you" skills that accelerated your

Career skills: Skills that provide secure income through market demand. These can be skills that you maintain as a fallback so you can seek

How to earn more income and eventually FIRE when you have no skill

Have always been bothering me with my low income and my lack of skills in I was pretty adept at that and worked my way into IT and higher

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Just want to say you really can't go wrong with R, Python, or SAS. Programming skills are transferable across language. Pick one, dive deep,