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The Best Online Savings Accounts in January 2019. High Rate: Goldman Sachs Bank USA – 2.25% APY, no minimum balance (but no ATM access) High Rate: Synchrony Bank – 2.20% APY, no minimum balance (and ATM access) High Rate: Barclays Bank – 2.20% APY, no minimum balance. High Rate: American Express National Bank – 2.10%

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A good place to start is the top IRA accounts, once you have a cash cushion in a high-yield savings account. Marcus by Goldman Sachs, 2.25% APY. Citizens Access, 2.35% HSBC, 2.22% APY. Barclays Online Savings, 2.20% APY. American Express National Bank, 2.10% APY. CIT Bank Savings Builder, 2.45% APY.

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Compare: Best high-yield savings accounts. CIT Bank: 2.45% APY, $100 monthly minimum deposits for APY. MySavingsDirect: 2.40% APY, $1 minimum deposit for APY. CIBC Bank USA: 2.39% APY, $1,000 minimum deposit for APY. Vio Bank: 2.37% APY, $100 minimum deposit for APY. Popular Direct: 2.36% APY, $5,000 minimum deposit

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Compare savings accounts and high-interest savings accounts to find the best rates. Start by looking at high-yield accounts here.

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A bank savings account averages 0.07% whereas our top-rated online savings .. High-interest savings accounts -- Pay more attractive interest rates, but they

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Credit.com offers one of the most comprehensive comparisons for Savings Accounts, ensuring all banks and institutions listed are insured by the FDIC or the

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Below are the regional accounts we've reviewed on Union 3.00% savings account on up to $5k [must

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Savings accounts should pay you interest, not charge you fees, and help you These banks stand out from the crowd, thanks to low fees, high-interest rates,

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A list of the best savings accounts available with high interest you can open today . These savings accounts offer higher interest rates than the average, allowing

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High-yield savings accounts are bank accounts that earn you a higher interest rate for deposits than a traditional savings account. You might