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The exchange rate of lowest currencies was updated on the following date: Jan 13 2019. No.6 – Sierra Leonean Leone (8,446 SLL/USD) No.7 – Uzbek Sum (8,336 UZS/USD) No.8 – Paraguayan Guarani (5,953 PYG/USD) No.9 – Cambodian Riel (4,016 KHR/USD) No.10 – Ugandan shilling (3,714 UGX/USD)

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List Of Top 10 Lowest Currencies In The World 2019. Iranian Rial. Code: IRR. 1 USD To 42,105.00 IRR. Vietnamese Dong. Code: VND. Sao Tome And Principe Dobra. Code: STD. Indonesian Rupiah. Code: IDR. Guinean Franc. Code: GNF. Sierra Leonean Leone. Code: SLL. Lao Kip Or Laotian Kip. Code: LAK. Uzbekistan Sum. Code: UZS.

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Want to know the Lowest currency in the world? BookMyForex has compiled a list of Top 10 least Valuable Currency in the world Updated till

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Top 10 Lowest Currency In The World. 1 US Dollar = 4063.50 Cambodian Riel. 1 US Dollar = 6019.20 Paraguayan Guarani. 1 US Dollar = 8398.77 Sierra Leonean Leone. 1 US Dollar = 8579.80 Laotian Kip. 1 US Dollar = 9100.15 Guinean Franc. 1 US Dollar = 14974.77 Indonesian Rupiah. 1 US Dollar = 21050.60 STD. 1 US Dollar =

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Are you not a millionaire? That's sad, but you can be, by converting some of your cash into the following countries' currency – the least valuable

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Learn why these currencies are considered the weakest against the U.S. vote, the pound fell 11% to a 31-year low relative to the U.S. dollar.

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Yahoo India Finance 5 September 2018 It is hard to determine the least valuable currencies due to volatile economies and constant changes

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Money is not only used among individuals but also between countries. The world is becoming a small place day by day. E-Commerce has

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Australian Dollar · USD, 0.71630. EUR, 0.63032. JPY, 78.60700. GBP, 0.55702. CHF, 0.71305. CAD, 0.95097. AUD, 1.00000. HKD, 5.61982. Brazilian Real.

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