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List Of Top 10 Lowest Currencies In The World 2019. Iranian Rial. Code: IRR. 1 USD To 42,105.00 IRR. Vietnamese Dong. Code: VND. Sao Tome And Principe Dobra. Code: STD. Indonesian Rupiah. Code: IDR. Guinean Franc. Code: GNF. Sierra Leonean Leone. Code: SLL. Lao Kip Or Laotian Kip. Code: LAK. Uzbekistan Sum. Code: UZS.

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The exchange rate of lowest currencies was updated on the following date: Jan 13 2019. No.1 – Iranian Rial (1 USD = ~112,000 IRR) No.2 – Vietnamese Dong (23,194 VND/USD) No.3 – Indonesian Rupiah (14,237 IDR/USD) No.4 – Guinean Franc (9,198 GNF/USD) No.5 – Lao or Laotian Kip (8,550 LAK/USD)

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African currency was originally formed from basic items, materials, animals and even people available in the locality to create a medium of exchange.


Top 10 Lowest Currencies In Africa 2018 (Cheapest & Weakest) On the second position of the weakest currencies in Africa is the Guinean

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Top 10 Worthless Currencies In Africa – 2018. Burundian Franc (1 USD = 1749 BIF) Tanzanian shilling (1 USD = 2234 shilling) Malagasay Ariary (1 USD = 3199.65 Ariary) Ugandan Shilling (1 USD =3603 UGX) Sierra Leonean Leone (1 USD = 7670 SLL) Guinean Franc (1 USD = 8998 GNF) Sao tome and principle Dobra (1 USD = 20808

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Let's now have a look at some of the top 10 weakest currencies in Africa 2018. It's worth noting that the strength of a currency is is closely

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Nigeria - Cheapest Currency In Africa prepared to seek a maximum World Bank and IMF support package of $20bn at very low interest rates.

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Money makes the world go around, as they say in the classics. But it depends where in the world you live because some money is worth so little

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africatop10 Have you ever wondered what is the weakest currency in Africa, you know the