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If your LSAT score is low but your GPA is high, find ways to accentuate your analytical skills. Although most admissions committees place slightly more value on LSAT scores than GPAs when considering an applicant's candidacy, some schools place a higher weight on GPAs than others.

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From just that index score, you are going in one of two piles: presumptive reject or presumptive admit. The typical index puts something close to 70% weight on LSAT vs. 30% weight on GPA. However, a high LSAT score can and frequently does eclipse a low GPA. For more on this, see our post on getting in with a low GPA.

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Schools vary in the relative weight they assign to GPA and LSAT. Many calculate an admissions index by multiplying GPA and LSATs by

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How important is your LSAT score? Your GPA? Law school is an academic program. The most important determination admissions committees

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Your LSAT and GPA are going to have more impact on your chances of getting admitted to Law School than any thing else. Guess what?

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LSAT/GPA Differential: This is the LSAT Bump divided by the GPA Bump, to give us a measure of the relative importance of the two. The higher the number, the more relative weight the LSAT has. Non-Splitter GPA: This is the average GPA of admitted non-splitter applicants.

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Check out 2017's top law schools and compare their rankings, acceptance rates, LSAT medians, and GPA for matriculating students for that year.

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For a number of reasons, both good and bad, law school admission committees rely heavily on the LSAT (and undergraduate GPA) in making their admission