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If you're an underwriter, wordings technician, or broker, you know that all the terms and conditions of an insurance contract - including policy wordings - need to be certain before policy inception. To help you achieve contract certainty, the Lloyd's Wordings Repository enables

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The Repository provides underwriters with access to established model wordings and clauses which are in current use, in all lines of business, against which

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LMA Wordings Issued 2015 - as at 31 December 2015. Page 1 Wording. LMA Wordings Forum. / Lloyd's Iberia. LMA5213 German .. LSW/LPO. 40. Translations / Foreign Language Versions. 22. USA Filings of Core Wordings. 9. Other. 34.

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(LSW055). The contentious issue was whether an underlying insured can choose which of two potential claims it will submit first to its insurer,

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The 2013/14 Policy, like its predecessors and its successor, provided for the incorporation of the LSW 055 wording and the underlying IMI

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incorporation of the LSW 055 wording and the underlying IMI wording as far as applicable. LSW 055 is the A.W.G.S. Excess Wording attached to the Policy

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You must comply with the terms of this Policy at all times. With regard to the events that culminate in a loss We will not rely on a breach of Policy term to decline a

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2.021, A, Check that if the slip endorsement provides for a wording or clause to LSW 055, 5.001, A, As this is an ''Aggregate costs inclusive" wording, check

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NOTE: It is not compulsory for the clauses/wordings to be used as drafted, nor are they intended to replace the exercise of independent judgement. It is the