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Lloyd's Sanctions Guidance – Sanctions Clauses Sanctions exclusion clauses and warranties1 are commonly used across the . Managing agents should take steps to understand how the chosen or applicable law and.

Sanction Limitation and Exclusion Clause - Hiscox London Market

Sanction Limitation and Exclusion Clause. No (re)insurer shall be deemed to provide cover and no (re)insurer shall be liable to pay any claim or provide any

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From time to time, the LMA publishes wordings and clauses as models. compliance with Competition Law and it is for underwriters to decide whether or not

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Reinsurers have now introduced a clause called the "Sanctions Clause" into the NZ exporters have only to comply with UN sanctions and NZ law, and the

Lloyd's Have Extended Their Sanctions Limitations and Exclusion

Sanctions exclusion clauses and warranties are nothing new and, in fact, are any applicable trade or economic sanctions, law or regulation.”.