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Construction Contract Types. Lump Sum Contract. A lump sum contract, sometimes called stipulated sum, is the most basic form of agreement between a.

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Lump Sum Construction Contract. Insert Name of Project Here. Reference Version. Insert Title of Works Here. United Nations Office for Project Services

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The purpose of Lump Sum projects is to reduce the costs of design and contract administration associated with quantity calculation, verification and

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THIS LUMP SUM CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT (hereinafter referred to as .. a set of Data shall be furnished to the Owner in an electronic PDF format.

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The Contract Documents consist of this Agreement, Drawings (if any),. Specifications, Conditions of the Contract (HUD General Conditions,. Supplementary and


8.2 LUMP SUM. CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS. (Stipulated lump sum price contract) – CCDC #2 and #12. - 0ne in which the contractor

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A201, “General Conditions of the Contract for Construction,” and time may be extended, the contract sum stated in Article 3A below shall be

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A lump sum contract establishes a total price using a one item bid from a CONTRACTOR. It should be used only when a scope of work is clearly defined, with

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BuildSafe® also knows how important it is that any contract is fair and equitable to disassemble, create derivative works based on the downloaded PDF files,

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contract work will not start until the contractor has done sufficient detailed engineering to prepare a lump sum estimate for his bid. The owner likewise requires