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This is known as a Guaranteed Maximum Price (or GMP) provision. Under a GMP agreement, a contractor who exceeds the capped amount is responsible for the difference, and if the total cost of the project is below the capped cost, the owner and contractor often agree to a “shared savings” benefit.

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An introduction to construction contract pricing: lump sum, cost-plus, GMP, GMAX , unit GMP 2.JPG With few exceptions, cost plus contracts include a Cost vs. Benefit. The allure of keeping savings often attracts the paying

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Learn about Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Contracts, GMPs; Lump sum — or fixed price — and cost-based contracts are the two

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Savings resulting from cost underruns are returned to the owner. This is different from a fixed-price contract (also known as stipulated price contract or lump-sum contract) where cost savings are typically retained by the contractor and essentially become additional profits.

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Under a lump sum contract, a single 'lump sum' price for all the works is agreed before the works begin. It is defined in the CIOB Code of

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A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is a form of agreement with a contractor in which it is agreed that the contract sum will not exceed a specified maximum. This can create a 'pain/gain', or a target cost agreement, where the contractor is incentivised to make savings, but the client has the security of a cost cap.

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Fixed Price contracts typically result in a lower engineering project cost than Guaranteed Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts have a maximum price

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When a contractor uses cost plus, they are paid for all allowed To sum it up, cost plus gives you more flexibility, but it can get expensive. GMP

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Fixed price or lump sum pricing, as the name indicates, provides for The parties to a cost-plus with GMP contract negotiate at the outset how

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A lump sum contract, sometimes called stipulated sum, is the most basic form of A Guaranteed Maximum Price (also known as GMP, Not-To-Exceed Price,