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Legal ramifications of lying about smoking to your health

Just got back from the dentist and as usual I always ask if my overall oral health is OK and that there are no odd spots or anything to be

When the doctor asks if you smoke, you say : PipeTobacco - Reddit

How would YOU answer this question if a health care professional were Whats the point in lying to the doc? he can smell it on me and health

How do insurance companies know whether you smoke cigarettes

AKA paying for health insurance and likely not receiving it. out you lied, that would be considered insurance fraud and would be a good case for them . I had an insurance company take a mouth swab when I bought life insurance. If you buy cigarettes with a credit card, and they sell your information to.

Labeled as a Smoker on Life Insurance after telling them I smoked

Hey PF, I tried applying for term life insurance as my wife and I are having a I don't smoke. . Worst case scenario is they ask you to do a health screening to prove you .. So your suggestion is to lie on the application?

Does vaping count as smoking for insurance purposes? : publix - Reddit

So, if I vape exclusively (never, ever use actual cigarettes, since a lot of . and change my status to tobacco-user, because I'm not gonna lie.

[SC] Husband listed as nonsmoker on health insurance policy

Aside from the insurance implications that have been mentioned, your husband's employer could choose to fire him if they find out.

The moral dilemma of health insurance and tobacco surcharges

The moral dilemma of health insurance and tobacco surcharges (self. . big no- no is lying on the form. That is deemed a Whether it is gambling, drinking, smoking, or collecting comic books the principle is the same YMMV.

If I tell my doctor I smoke, will my health insurance rates go up

My story: I'm 23, still on my parents' health insurance. Although I I used to lie on insurance forms about not smoking back when I did. I would

What You Need to Know About Smoking and Health Insurance

Smoking and health insurance doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand. . While you may be tempted to lie about tobacco use in order to receive lower insurance

What if the insured lied about his smoking to get health insurance?

If you lie about smoking, the health insurance or life insurance benefits for you and your family may be at stake. Cigarette users may be motivated to lie in order