lying about smoking on health insurance

What You Need to Know About Smoking and Health Insurance

While you may be tempted to lie about tobacco use in order to receive lower insurance premiums, misrepresentation of your smoking habits is considered insurance fraud. Plus, insurance companies could force you to pay back lost surcharge fees.

What if the insured lied about his smoking to get health insurance?

Cigarette users may be motivated to lie in order to obtain either (a) lower health insurance premiums or (b) maintain eligibility for life insurance policy or rates. In some states, lying about smoking for insurance purposes is a material misrepresentation, just like lying about health history.

How Do Health Insurance Companies Know if You Smoke?

It's unheard of for insurance to investigate if you smoke, but smoking is in your medical records. This gets found out when insurers pay your

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The Affordable Care Act allows insurers to impose surcharges retroactively if they catch someone lying, but it specifically forbids them from dropping coverage to anyone they catch lying about smoking status. It's not only Obamacare that's asking smokers to pay more for health coverage.

Legal ramifications of lying about smoking to your health

Just got back from the dentist and as usual I always ask if my overall oral health is OK and that there are no odd spots or anything to be

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Health Insurance: As far as health insurance goes there aren't any You should never lie about anything, even habits of smoking and drinking.

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Insurers can't toss someone off the health plan in the individual But they can levy the hefty surcharge on smokers if they are discovered to have lied. not shown that higher insurance premiums decrease smoking — but

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--In Minnesota, 18% of adults smoke but under 5% paid the tobacco surcharge. from dropping coverage to anyone they catch lying about smoking status. That might only discourage smokers from getting health insurance.

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The last time we signed up for health insurance, I was a half a pack a day Lying to an insurance company about whether of not you smoke,

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Of course, if you smoke a pack a day you may have resulting health issues It might seem harsh, but lying about being a smoker is insurance