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When we talk about Maharashtra and its people, an image immediately comes up in our minds of local Maharashtrians in their traditional wears. The clothes or

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As Maharashtra is a vast state, the people of this colourful state wears different types of costumes, take different cuisines, has different forms of dances and music

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Women in Maharashtra wear saree, which is nine yards in length and a short- sleeved blouse, which is also known as choli. The choli covers about only the half

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Traditional clothes for Maharashtrian males include the dhoti, also areas while traditional people from cities also wear these clothing.

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Ethnic clothing in India not only vary by state but also according to the Sarees, paired with Choli, are the ethnic clothing of women in Maharashtra. And that's why people come in from all over, stay in for one day, like in a

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Paithani in Maharashtra, It can be said that costumes of Maharashtra truly reflect the identity of a typical Maharashtrian culture. A nine yard sari is a traditional

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Maharashtra, the state that has always been the proud and of Marathas and till date, Maratha