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Wife claiming maintenance after Mutual Consent Divorce. The Court held her claim to be maintainable – held – Right to maintenance is a part of larger right to life and any agreement to the contrary is against public policy and pro tanto(to that extent) ineffective.

Wife claiming maintenance after Mutual Consent Divorce

can my wife claim maintenance later after mutual divorce granted answered by if you get mutual consent divorce and you have paid maintenance and she is

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As per Section 125(4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, no wife shall be entitled to receive an allowance for the maintenance from her husband if they are living separately by mutual consent. A divorce decree by mutual consent to live separately cannot disentitle the wife to claim maintenance.

can my wife claim maintenance later after mutual divorce granted

In mutual consent divorce the quantum of alimony is decided by the spouses Since giving divorce depends on lot of related things like maintenance, child

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Does divorced wife can claim maintenance under 125crpc after mutual conset divorce? (Family Law) This query is : I have got divorce by mutual consent 13 B of

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Does the below set of points puts the husband on the safeside or what else can be written in the Mutual consent divorce so that after full & final

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be possible for a divorced wife to claim maintenance from her former husband in certain circumstances even after mutual consent divorce,

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However, if the couple marries under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, only the wife is entitled to claim permanent alimony and maintenance. When a couple gets divorced by mutual consent, the decision on whether any alimony/maintenance is to be paid by either party is a matter of agreement between them.

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Complete guide for Mutual Consent Divorce providing insight to obtain of mutual consent divorce, issues of maintenance and child custody, duration of After this Court passes an order dissolving the marriage by granting

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Provision of maintenance after divorce If the husband is not willing to pay the maintenance