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Cancer. Cancer and other major chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease; neurological disorders and diabetes continue to be the leading causes of death amongst all Canadians.

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While every Canadian faces his or her own unique set of health hurdles, Here are some of the top health problems that Canadians face today.

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Here are the five most common diseases in Canada: Cancer (Malignant neoplasms) Cancer is currently one of the top diseases in Canada. Heart Disease. Heart disease killed 49,891 Canadians in 2013. Stroke (Cerebrovascular diseases) Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (CLRDs) Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus)

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In this topic Autism. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart and Stroke. Hepatitis. HIV and AIDS. Influenza (Flu) H1N1 Flu Virus: Information for the Health Industry. Seasonal Influenza. Pandemic Influenza. Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Mental and Behavioural.

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Think you're in good health? You might be making common mistakes that can lower your life expectancy and cause major long-term health

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The rising number of overdose deaths in Canada dominated health news headlines in 2017, and there's little indication that fatalities will

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The WHO country health profile of Canada provides key statistics and links to health features and Bulletin journal articles on the health issues of the country.

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André Picard's new book, Health Matters, explores the good and bad of Canada's health care system.

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But for many less urgent problems they typically wait as long as many Another major challenge for Canadian health care is the narrow scope

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