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The 10 Biggest Fintech Companies In America - Forbes

Here are the ten most valuable private, venture-backed fintech players based in the U.S.: Stripe. Value: $9.2 billion* SoFi. Value: $4.3 billion. GreenSky. Value: $3.6 billion. Credit Karma. Value: $3.5 billion. Oscar. Value: $2.7 billion. Avant. Value: $2 billion. Zenefits. Value: $2 billion. Prosper. Value: $1.9

Fintech 50 2018 List - Forbes

Fintech 50: Technology is disrupting the $8.5 trillion (market cap) U.S. borrow and save; how big banks control risk; and how hedge funds analyze data and place their bets. Full List: The World's Highest-Paid Actors And Actresses 2017

What Is Fintech? Industry Goals And Major Players - Dataroom24

Take some time to learn what fintech and the fintech industry is, what fintech startups have found major success, and what the industry as a whole aims to do. It’s a shortening of the word “financial,” which, when combined with the word “tech,” represents the financial

The Top 10 Fintech Companies Giving Banks a Run for Their Money

The financial world is changing thanks to fintech companies. Discover what the top 10 unicorns do, what their plans for the future are, how they make money.

2017 Fintech 100 announced | KPMG | GLOBAL

China fintechs take the top three rankings, five of the top 10. are companies that are radically changing their industry paradigm for all players.

Explore The Major Players in the Atlanta FinTech EcoSystem

Learn what makes Atlanta the perfect place for FinTech startups and established companies. See the latest FinTech legislation and explore company profiles.

Ranking the Top Fintech Companies - The New York Times

Over the last decade, financial technology has gone from a boring niche in Silicon Valley to one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech

12 companies at the heart of London's FinTech boom – 'The UK

In 2017, over £800 million was invested in London-based FinTech can lay claim to being one of the UK's biggest FinTech companies.

11 Most Valuable Fintech Startups Worth Over $1 Billion |

11 Most Valuable Fintech Startups Worth Over $1 Billion. Clover Health -- $1.2 billion. Clover co-founders Kris Gale and Vivek Garipalli. Kabbage -- $1.3 billion. Kabbage employees Glassdoor/Kabbage. Robinhood -- $1.3 billion. Coinbase -- $1.6 billion. Apttus -- $1.9 billion. Avant -- $2 billion. Oscar -- $2.7 billion.

The World's Top 10 FinTech Companies (BABA) - Investopedia

Here is a look at the top ten fintech companies from around the world (in no specific order). Ant Financial. China-based Ant Financial is a spin-off from the Alibaba Group (BABA). Qudian. Founded in 2014, Qudian is a China-based Fintech firm belonging to the category of 'lending.' SoFi. Lufax. Avant. ZhongAn. Klarna.