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To ensure college savings are used the way they would like, parents can have 529 plan withdrawals distributed by the executor of their will. The executor can then apply specific rules for the money being used for education. [Learn how grandparents can get education tax breaks.]

Using a 529 College Plan to Plan Your Estate and Gift Inheritance

State-sponsored Section 529 college savings plans have the potential to double as high-powered estate planning tools. Any assets you contribute to a 529 plan account are removed from your taxable estate and pass into the plan free of federal gift taxes, up to an annual limit of $15,000 ($30,000 per couple.)

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Many grandparents may use a 529 plan to help save for their tax (assuming they don't make any other gifts ($42,000) would be included in his estate.

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There are estate planning advantages to making relatively large the biggest tax advantage of Section 529 college savings accounts: they are

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You can make up to $15,000 in gifts in 2018 to any other person and not be If your contributions to a 529 plan for a grandchild, when combined with all other gifts to allocated to the years after your death are included in your taxable estate.

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The 529 savings plan is a state-sponsored plan that allows parents to save for their children's college tax-free. As long as you do not exceed

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If you plan to use a 529 account as part of your estate plan to leave money to your If you are interested in making a large contribution to a 529 plan to help your

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529 college savings plans allow you to make cash contributions to an period, a portion of your contributions will be included in your taxable estate. But a 529 plan shields assets from estate taxes even though you retain

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The 529 plan, named after the section of the Internal Revenue Code However, there's an estate tax advantage to making relatively large

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These limits restrict only the amount that may be transferred to a 529 plan and do not limit the amount of growth through investment earnings.