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But is that person REALLY a “Certified Makeup Artist”? To become a licensed cosmetologist, we are prepared to enter our field by learning

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Let's clear the air! What is the difference between makeup artistry licensure and certification, and what does it mean for an aspiring makeup

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Let's define the difference between a makeup artist license and a makeup artist certification, shall we? Check out this article to learn the

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What is the difference between a Certified Makeup Artist, a Cosmetologist, or an Esthetician? Below find a basic breakdown of the individual requirements and

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One of the top questions we're asked is, “What is the difference between a licence and a certification.” When you complete Makeup.School, you will receive a

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Individuals interested in turning their enthusiasm and passion for makeup into a career must not only prepare through education and training, they need to make.

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Are you confused on whether to get certified or licensed as a makeup artist? If YES, here is a detailed comparison between a makeup certification vs license.

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Let's take a look at "makeup artist vs. esthetician" question, discuss the difference as their salon or spa does that; and; need an esthetician license to find work.

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The two jobs have some similarities, but they require different training, and they What is the Difference Between Cosmetology School and Makeup School? In every state in the United States, you need a license to become a cosmetologist.

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This information is only for the United states. Im unsure what the regulations are elsewhere. Also