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Malaysia Prime Min Mahathir Mohamad, in big gamble to halt slide in Malaysia's On Trading in Its Currency. By BLOOMBERG NEWS SEPT. 2, 1998 The currency controls were announced a day after the Government said

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Before the imposition of capital and currency controls on 1 September, unemployment had By mid-1998, the economy was in a freefall, with the contraction of

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Updated Sept. 3, 1998 2:33 a.m. ET Residents Look to Korea's Past as a Guide . New Malaysian Currency Controls Leave Fund Managers Perplexed


the debate now invoke the 1998 Malaysian controls for all kinds of purposes, often Malaysia's total external debt to foreign exchange reserves ratio was

Did the Malaysian Capital Controls Work?

Malaysia recovered from the Asian financial crisis swiftly after the imposition of capital controls in September 1998. The fact that Korea and Thailand recovered

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On September 1, 1998 Malaysia enforced capital controls to shield its economy from currency speculators in the wake of the Asian financial

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On September 1, Malaysia imposed currency controls. time. the Malaysian prime minister sacked his deputy. October 1, 1998, travellers are allowed to.

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ber 1, 1998, to impose capital controls—restrictions on the inter- national .. First, Malaysia had significant foreign exchange reserves. In- deed, before the

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While Najib has vowed Malaysia won't return to the capital controls or fixed currency regime that drew the ire of the International Monetary Fund

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Under the Exchange Control of Malaysia Notice (ECM 13) enforced on 1 September 1998, the following amounts of currency notes, defined to