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Managed exchange rates. Under the managed exchange rate system, the exchange rate is predominantly determined in the foreign exchange market by supply of and demand for a currency. The government intervenes only occasionally to influence the exchange rate when it considers it to be necessary.

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Managed float regime. Managed float regime is the current international financial environment in which exchange rates fluctuate from day to day, but central banks attempt to influence their countries' exchange rates by buying and selling currencies to maintain a certain range.

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A managed currency is one whose monetary exchange rate is affected by the intervention of a central bank.

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A managed floating exchange rate is a regime that allows an issuing central bank to intervene regularly in FX markets in order to change the direction of.

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A managed currency is an exchange rate that is basically floating in the foreign exchange markets but is subject to intervention from time to time by the monetary authorities, in order to resist fluctuations that they consider to be undesirable.

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A managed-floating currency when the central bank may choose to intervene in the foreign exchange markets to affect the value of a currency to meet specific…

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After the Bretton Woods system of managed exchange rates failed in 1973 (see History of Monetary Policy, Part 1), the high inflation that prevailed in the 1970s

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Government can also use exchange rates to help manage the economy. An exchange rate is the price of one currency expressed in terms of another, e.g. $1

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Exchange rates can be understood as the price of one currency in terms of another currency. However, just like for goods and services, we