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Many people wonder if it's mandatory to go to marriage counseling before finalizing a divorce. In the state of Rhode Island, it's not a requirement to attend marriage counseling prior to a divorce. For instance, if one party requests marriage counseling or if a judge sees the potential for reconciliation.

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It's rare, but courts can and do order couples into marriage counseling before they'll finalize a divorce. In many states, a judge can order it if he or she sees the possibility of reconciliation. Some states require it if one spouse asks. Courts are more likely to order other forms of counseling or education classes.

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One such measure is a requirement that couples attend pre-divorce counseling. Currently, the following states require couples therapy prior to divorce: Washington, Oregon, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, Iowa, Illinois and Arizona.

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Statistics show that less than 10% of the divorcing couples seek therapy, but benefits of marriage counseling before divorce are numerous. There are two kinds

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A reader of this blog recently asked me a question that has a relatively simple answer. I've received this question numerous times. The reader

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In fact, he becomes angrier than he was before and begins top blame the whole divorce on her. And now, he I ready to find the "tough" lawyer to protect him from

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Make sure you are, in fact, eligible for divorce before you file for one, particularly counseling" laws focused on saving the marriage prior to finalizing a divorce.

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Mandatory Deviations · Health Insurance · Child Care · Non-Mandatory Deviations have children under 18 must complete an educational program before divorcing.” Oklahoma's New Divorce Law: Can Forced Marriage Counseling Work?, In addition to forcing marriage counseling onto divorcing parents, the law further

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This is, in part, because some experts believe that marriage counseling should be mandatory before a divorce will be granted. Under the Pennsylvania Divorce

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counseling mandatory in their respective states. The bills, in essence, require a divorcing couple to make an attempt at reconcililation before