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Some mandatory payroll tax deductions that employers are required by law to withhold from an employee's paycheck include: Federal income tax withholding. Social Security & Medicare taxes – also known as FICA taxes. Local tax withholdings such as city or county taxes, state disability or unemployment insurance.

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The second set of mandatory payroll deductions are for FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) taxes that include: Social security taxes and. Medicare tax withholding.

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Mandatory payroll deductions are the wages that are withheld from your paycheck to meet income tax and other required obligations. Voluntary payroll

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Mandatory payroll deductions are those required by law, and voluntary deductions are not legally required. However, payroll deductions can be complicated.

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FICA taxes are somewhat unique in that there is required withholding from an employee's wages as well as an employer's portion of the taxes that must be paid. The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is the federal law that requires you to withhold three separate taxes from the wages you pay your employees.

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Mandatory vs. Voluntary Payroll Deductions. by Randolf Saint-Leger. Employees must pay income, Social Security and Medicare taxes.

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Disposable income is defined as any salary payment due you minus any mandatory deductions, i.e. taxes, retirement. Whenever we receive a court ordered

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Voluntary payroll deductions are withheld from an employee's paycheck only if the Employers are required to report their payroll tax obligations and to deposit

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Get step-by-step instructions for calculating withholding and deductions from employee Gross pay is the amount of employee pay for the payroll period. The federal labor law requires a minimum required overtime of one and one-half times

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Unfamiliar with payroll deductions? Here are some examples of mandatory and voluntary payroll deductions, and how the funds are used.