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Should Pre-Divorce Counseling Be Mandatory for Married Couples

These statistics may be misleading when considering mandatory counseling because couples who voluntarily seek counseling may be invested in salvaging their relationships. When couples have already taken the step of filing for a divorce, one or both of the partners may be unwilling to consider reconciliation.

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Under the new amendment any married couple desiring a divorce in Singapore that have kids under the age of 21 will be required to attend mandatory counseling and mediation sessions. The counseling and mediation is designed create agreement on what is in the best interests of dependent children in a divorce setting.

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If they do, then a regular therapy can be suggested to continue until the couple doesn't need any more therapy. Actually, almost half of the cases specified as pre divorce counseling end in dropping their divorce ideas. Some US states are now making pre divorce counseling mandatory because of its benefits.

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Even if the marriage cannot be saved, counseling may help to minimize the negative Under the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, counseling is not mandatory.

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Mandatory Couples Counseling Prior To Granting Divorces? By Liz Mandarano, Contributor. Family and Matrimonial Lawyer. 01/27/2011

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A number of states have what are called "reconciliation counseling" laws focused on saving the marriage prior to finalizing a divorce. Florida courts, for example,

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Counseling after a Divorce Complaint is Filed which would make pre-divorce marriage counseling mandatory in their respective states.

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In Georgia, couples that are going through a divorce and have children are required to attend a parenting seminar aimed at helping them work together for the

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Parties applying for divorce will be required to attend marriage counselling at one The Mandatory Parenting Programme is a one-to-one consultation session

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"But going for mandatory mediation and counselling on children's new requirement of attending a pre-divorce parenting programme, he said.