What is your All-Time Favorite Seinfeld Episode?

What is your favorite Seinfeld episode? What about that episode made it your favorite?


I can't think of many, if any that I didn't enjoy or laugh at...
A few I loved:
Kramer gets and intern at "Kramerica" -- same episode as "Heellllllooooo" (jerry's girlfriend's belly)
Puddy sells Jerry a car... elaine and putty fight and jerry has to "work them" to close the deal and get back together so he doesn't get taken! George stages a candy bar line-up to prove a mechanic ate his Twix.
Jerry's artist girlfriend copies a letter from a movie. She paints "The Kramer"- Elaine gets thrown out of a baseball game for refusing to take off her hat.
George becomes a tourist in NYC and then decides to "move" here. The tour guide doubts he'll be able to hack it in NYC. Steinbrenner trades him for Tyler chicken.
and one I saw the other day on reruns
Kramer runs for Condo president... Jerry visits his parents. Elaine thinks she's in an interracial relationship.

I love all the episodes and I have taped them all, but I really can't think of my favorite one. They are all so good!
Seinfeld is the best sitcom on TV.
But a few episodes I did like were the "Soup Nazis", "Puerto Rican Day Parade", the "Secret Code," and the "Movie". In the "Movie" I loved how when the gang got lost they came up with these different ways of describing each other to the ticket person.

Wow, this is such a good question. Hats off to you! Anyway my favorite episode would have to be the episode when Kramer and Newman are going to Michigan to recycle the bottles and cans they collected, and on the way there they get sidetracked and follow Jerry's stolen Saab. Every Seinfeld episode is good, though.

I like the one where Jerry dates a Native American lady. He keeps accidentally saying things like "indian trader" and "red skin" and she gets offended throughout the whole show. At the end Kramer buys a wooden indian from a cigar store and Jerry and the girl see him driving down the road with it. Kramer then makes that WaWaWa indian noice. All the episodes were great, though. That was my all time favorite show. I'm really into dry humor. I hated "Friends".

The Contest

I like the one where Jerry cant remember the woman's name. He says it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. LOL I thought that episode was so funny.

I loved the one where Kramer takes dog medicine and starts to act like a dog. jerry tries to sneak him to the vet and then he bites newman's ankle and newman can't do his route. All of them are great. If you like Seinfeld, check out Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.

The Soup Nazi. Mostly the revenge Elaine gets at the end.

I liked the master of his domain episode also...especially when Kramer was out like one minute after the bet started!

My favorite is the one when Jerry was dating this girl and him and his friends were secretly making fun of her stomach. Jerry said it would talk to him at night in this jovial, deep voice - and all the friends were talking to each other in that voice. He wound up dumping that girl just so they could continue to do "the voice". It was hilarious. HEEELLLOOOOOOO! ~ by the "The Voice".

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