I am planning a trip to London in Feb for 3 weeks work related. Advise places to visit in small budget?

Will be working from 9am-6pm. So will have evenings for my self and wekends. Is there any place close by which is worth visiting during a weekend keeping the climate in mind, Also what are the must visit tourist places in London. And can I be doing something after work at 6.00, or does everthing is shut by then, will be working at Bishop's Gate. I have 2 other female collegues with me.


London doesn't close down after 6! London never closes down, There are lots of bars, clubs restaurants etc that will be open all night long.
You probably mean Bishopsgate, near Liverpool Street statiion which is in the City of London.
For some reason tourists always go to Madame Toussauds. Londoners rarely go there. Up to you. You'll be near the Tower of London, so should see that.
London has excellent museums which are open at weekends and often after work too. Try to go to the Wallace Collection and the Soanes Museum as well as the more obvious British Museum and National Gallery.
So far as nearby places are concerned, I'd recommend Oxford and Stratford-on-Avon.
I hope you all have a good time in London.
should have said - all of the above are low budget apart from Madame Tussauds. You have to pay to visit the Tower of London, but can stroll around the park by the moat for free

The City area, where you are working, will have bars and restaurants open during the evening. But I would suggest crossing the River at London Bridge and exploring the South Bank and Bankside; great resturants and pubs, the Tate Modern Museum, theatres (The National, The National Film Theatre and, not least, the wonderful Globe) and all leading down to the London Eye which offers some of the most spectacular views over London available. If you are around the area on a Saturday then Borough Market is well worth a visit, for great atmosphere and great food; I'm particularly fond of the venison burgers, but the fish and chips is pretty good as well!!
Enjoy!! :-)

Brighton is a good place to visit at the weekend and easy to get to by train - about an hour from London Bridge or Victoria stations.

london eye is amazing especially at night. london does not close at six pm, we are quite up to date don't you know

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