tips on fairness?????????

i was fair when i was born n like another person i started loosing my colour i.e started becming darker as yrs passed by, watever may b the reason -- tanning or depigmentation i realy dont knw but i want to get back atleast half of my original colour.
I want some tips as in wat to apply to my face to GET A GUD COMPLEXTION (SHINNING COMPLEXTION) N BECOME FAIR!!! thanks for answering this question if u do so!


peel and grate a potato sqeeze the juice add few drops of lemon juice apply on the face,wash with plain water after 10-15 this everyday for a month.

To get a glow on your face first thing that should be done is to intake a healthy diet including fresh fruits,milk products,leafy vegetables,avoiding oily food etc. besides,u also need to wash ur face with some mild soap after short intervals .As u get up in the morning ,after washing your face u can apply a mixture of gramflour or (basan),milk,honey and rosewater.dont let it dry too much,wash it after 5-7 minutes.
do not use a harsh soap.

Apply paste of turmeric powder and milk before having bath, leave it for 5 minutes and wash with a herbal soap

take sum tomato juice and apply on hands,legs and face .try out this 4 a few days and surely ur complexion will increase otherwise rub sliced potatoes on ur body.....both r of gud help.i have tried these

at day apply sunscreen after cleansing if ur at home or out.rub fresh potato slice.apply curd for 20 mins b4 bath hope this helps all the best

Avoid the sun, and wear sunscreen. I did milk bath. Like in Body Shop, they sell mik bath. You can also use cow milk or any powder cow milk. It worked for me though it took time. But it also make your skin smooth. I love that!

im using loreal product,and i using gerven whitening body lotion,and i drink a lot of milk,and eat an orange per day,and fish,and drink more water,and i don't explore under the sun, i use umbrella.

Lick cinnamon powder with honey.

man jus be happy with your skin colour! long as ur skin is healthy it dont matter what shade u are!........its such a stupid mind set to want to become fair! happy with what u got.........n by the way the skin trend these days is - "the duskier the better!"

i have lost my original colour as well but still im too fair n u know wat i hate it! lol.. i go 2 da beach everyday so i get tanned... whoaa!but i cant get black!
well solution to ur problem.. fair n lovely + shenaaz facial once a month
hope it wrks gurl!

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