Temporary hair dye over bleached damaged hair?

My hair has been bleached about 5 times from incompetant hair sytlists that tried to "fix the color". I am tired of bleaching my hair and want to let my hair grow out. It's platinum blonde and I'm naturally a medium to dark brown. It's broken off at the roots in several places from my last root touch up. Can I put a temporary brown in it while it grows out? Maybe I can do a test strand? I don't know how to grow my hair out without it looking horrible in the meantime or falling out!


I have a friend who went through this process a few months ago,
first she cut her hair shorter so that it would grow out faster. She also went to a salon to have it dyed professionally, the stylist had to dye it more than a few times to get the color to stick and look decent.
In a few months her hair had grown out so she just cut the damaged portions off and let it keep growing.
I would advise you to go to a salon to get the dye done, although it won't be temporary it will grow out with your damaged hair and then you can just cut it off.

you can put in the temporary hair color and it wont do any extra damage, however since your hair has been bleached so much; the hair is really porous so it doesnt have a lot of holding power when it comes to color anymore.
start doing some deep conditioning masques at least once ot twice a week.
joico k pak is awesome. it gives your hair proteins to make it stronger and it has a reconstructor in it to start reconstructing the damage that has already been done. in the meantime, try to keep heat styling to a minumum.
otherwise pureology hair masques are the best, but they cost $50 a tub. definately worth it if you're interested though.

Your best bet would be to deeply condition your hair the next couple months, and when re-growth becomes noticable you could try using a level 2 brown hair dye. However I did that once, but because my hair was so over processed the brown turned near black. So go with a light brown color. Do the strand test and deeply condition again. Good luck!

I just had the same exact problem, I have always gotten blonde highlights over my naturally dark brown hair and I got sick of the damage it was doing & just wanted to go back to my natural color for alittle, so I decided to do it myself, well it came out okay when i first did it and the next morning i woke up and the bleach bled thru my hair & turned it a greyish color, i was horrified! so i went to the store again and bought black hair dye and it covered everything, after like a week it started lightening up so it was good, now its like a light brownish. But honestly, if your hair is platnum blonde you might want to go to a professional b/c you never know how things will come out

Do not use hair dye, not even temporary, it will damage it more. Use a rinse instead, like Fanciful by Roux. It rinses all the way out when you wash it. It is a pain in the butt to apply every time you wash, and you'll need gloves to keep from tinting your fingernails, but it's better than damaging your hair more. You can get it at beauty supply stores or at chain pharmacies like Walgreen's or CVS.

Its better to dye it permanently because it lasts longer and u wont have to redo it. Plus, if u go to hairdresser , they use quality hair dye so it wont damage as much. The temporary hair dye would damage if u keep going over and over it. Might as well . . pay a little extra and go to the hairdressers.

you are only going to damage your hair more

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