Have you ever had to temporarily be without your pets?

My boyfriend and I need to rent in the next month and cannot find any landlord that accepts pets. We have a 1 year old cat and 14 week old kitten. My mom is willing to look after them, but she already has 2 cats and we would also be renting for 3-6 months. We REALLY don't want to be without them for that long, and we would miss much of our kitten growing up :-( We are also worried that if we were without them for 6 months, we would lose the bond we have with them.
Have you ever had to be without your pets for a while - either through moving house or abroad, going on holiday for a while, or any other reason? If so, how long were you apart from them; where did your pets go during this time and what were they like when you got them back?
Thanks xx Emmie


aww its not ideal is it? but if it has too be.
just make sure you vist them alot! and spend alot of time intracting with them, take treats with you esp for the kitten.
brushing your cats its a great way to bond with them, its how they bond together...washing each other, it will just keep you going till you can all be together i am sure you will miss them alot, but at least you know they are safe and looked after

Hi Emmie,
I had to go abroad with work for a few weeks at a time. My friend was staying at home looking after the animals. My kitten was still young at the time and once after I had been away for four weeks I found that she had grown up quite a bit by the time I came back. I feel that I've forever lost that time of watching her grow up.
Something else to consider (I know you didn't really ask this): will your cats get on with your Mum's cats? Remember how difficult it was to get your male cat accustomed to the kitten!
I believe that you will find a home that will house all of you, including cats, just keep trying! I believe that God has a place in preparation for you already, you just don't know which one it is yet!

The simple answer is no. I have two dogs and was in exactly the same position as you. There are three things you can do, if you have pet insurance they actually cover your landlord for any damage, so he is insured against you pets or secondly offer him a slightly higher deposite, or finally get your prospective landlord to meet your pet this can help. I found these answers on a site called www.moveme.com and came in very handy with tips like this one and also helped move me taking all of the admin stress away

I was in a bad accident 5 years ago, and due to the nature of my injuries and being in a wheelchair, i couldnt have my rotty with me. She went to live with my mum, and is still there. I visit her regularly, and we certainly havent lost that bond - i always made a big fuss of her before the accident, so when i went back to see her after 3 years, she instantly knew me and that bond was still as strong. I cant have her back now, i am waiting for spinal surgery, then recovery period after that, but now she is 11 and we feel that moving her in with me now may be too much for her and cause a heart attack, but that is purely because of her age and the time she has been at my mums. It is hard not seeing them all the time, but make such a fuss of them now until you move, then they will remember you whenever you visit them. a good tip is to leave with them a jumper or something with your scent on so that they can sleep with it and remember your scent.

Sometimes you have to be separated. When I had my daughter, I was hospitalized for 4 months, and wasn't able to spend any time with my horses, goats, rats, or pot-bellied pigs. Once or twice a week my husband would bring my dog to visit (I could go outside in a wheelchair). I thought they wouldn't remember me, but the minute I came home, they were so excited to see me! I had great people helping my husband take care of them. I had good bonds with them all, so they really did seem to remember me, and it didn't take long to get back to the old routine.

i have been working away for the last year, and have had to leave my 2 chinchillas and dog with my dad. I really miss them, but dad sends photos and videos of them every week and lets me know what they have been getting up too.
You could always do what i when i was at uni. Move into the house, wait a week or so and move them in. Just make sure that your neighbours dont know!!!

ui was away from my 3 cats and dog for 6 weeks when i went abroad and it was no problem when i came back. It was just like in never left

A few years ago I was really ill and unable to look after my dog properly so she went to stay with my sister for six weeks.
She was really pleased to see me again. And I was pleased to see her as well. She caused mayhem at my sisters as they were not used to a dog but said they would have her back anytime.

We left our dogs for two weeks. i know the times diff, but we got back and they still knew us, animal are far more intelligent than people give them credit, just keep popping to see them, they'll know who you are!
Hope you can find a resolution soon!

you will be visiting your mum so you will see your cats often
it will be OK
i have never in my whole life been without a pet

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