Is it required for a muslimah to educate herself to the highest level possible?

..and become a leader...while she does all her roles beautifully....and still remaining in the path of Allah..


Islam demands from Evey Muslim, Muslimah only the bests they are able to accomplish for Humanity, and Islam. Those who are Educated in the Eyes of Allah are the Best of humanity, and those who are Muslims with highest levels of Taqua and Education are at the top of all Humanity. Education in Islam is not a Choice is a Commandment that must be fulfilled.
Edit: Islam Education by its self is good but not enough. They did not teach Islam in China as the Hadith stated: BTW: What the Prophet (SAW) Was referring to by going to China was the Hardship, the grave danger, the straggle of going to China during those times.
Edit: Also Remember the other Hadith that States: only three things will benefit a Muslim once his dead.
1. A righteous son/daughter that ask Allah to forgive them.
2. Righteous deed that benefits ALL MANKIND including Muslims
3. Righteous KNOWLEDGE that benefits MANKIND including Muslims.
The Later 2 definitely depend directly upon EDUCATION. i.e. Medicine, books.. None of those can be accomplished without a High level of Education. Right?

Of course, especially if you believe and if you have the opportunity to make good change around you - what a beautiful gift Allah has given to you! Its just like Aisha (r.a), she was extremely educated, as educated as scholars and she was the most beloved of prophet Muhammad (saw) wives. But make sure that you do this with sincere intentions for Allah, and not for any type of praise or glory you may get as a leader.
May Allah guide you and strengthen you in your journey.
edit: Of course you can get a university degree, I studied for three years and recently graduated. Although I didn't study medicine, or to become a teacher or anything like that (I studied fashion and textiles), and I am better for it! I learnt about a lot of social and environmental issues, that I most likely would not have learnt if I had not studied. Not knowing, would have meant ignorance, and as you know, Islam teaches that ignorance is a dangerous thing. Education counteracts ignorance, with it comes understanding, and when you have understanding you have the ability to make the right decisions!

Ok, how true she is, i am talking about the girl just answered. by the way did you guys see her screen name? some country music stuff? well that explains how much a person can be ignorant because for them all they have to do is to sleep with any random guy and have no self respect.

Any ways. People please if you do not believe in a religion, please at least do not disrespect it.
As far as answer is concerned, sister can you tell me exactly what kind of education are you talking about ? is that about educating herself with islamic knowledge? The question is pretty vague.
It is a responsibility of every muslim that they should gain as much knowledge as possible. Because a person never know what deed will anger the God almighty so might as well stay away from that.
If you are talking about the education that we get in a university, than YES! we need that too. And it is not only for women but also for men.
There is a Hadith from rasullullah (SAW) that is (summary)
" Learn, as even if you have to got China".
Education is very essential for all of us.
And please, disregard stupid people, allah will give them guidence and they will stop disrespecting not only islam but every one elses believes.

As a logic and as per now days demand .. Mother should be educated so that Childrens can get the right path easily.
Yes there is no boundation to become a leader i think so but u need to obey the islamic rules and regulation.
Best of Luck
Fe-amaan Allah

Salam w Alaikum sister :-) "Learn the art of patience. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal. Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure. Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success." -Brian Adams Ways of developing strong patience is to first asses what is causing you impatience. Secondly,you should then change your attitude about the cause. Thirdly,remind yourself that time is not an issue - thus developing a strong patient mind. If you tell yourself "Allah swt and the hereafter are the only things that matter" inshaAllah your heart and mind will collaborate on the idea.

Nobody is required to educate themselves to the highest level possible, whether shes a muslimah or not. its down to personal preference, if that muslimah wants to become highly educated then no-one should stop them, as long as they remain on the right path then it shouldn't be a a problems. in most cases, the problem lies with the parents/guirdian or the head of the household, which is why muslim girls don't have the opportunity to become highly educated.

@country music fan : first, educated people never ever consider them to have learnt stuff "enough" from your answer....(you can guess the rest, no time to type ;p)
well, personally, i think it is very important to get educated, not only islamically but other stuff too..Besides,knowledge is held in such high regard in the Holy Qur'an, be it for men or women..and i think it can only increase a person's iman if she uses it correctly. I'd love to get educated as much as possible, insha Allah, not just through courses and degrees..

Sister, Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) has asked both muslim men and women to get educated. Getting educated opens one's mind and make us survive in the world. Islamic education is important for us to get into heaven in the here after and worldly life is important too. and to survive here well,u need to get educated. Mother, your children are dependent on you then. Many people do not believe in women's higher education and this has got nothing to do with Islam. Its cultural and really ignorant.
Myself, I have done O levels, diplomas, and a bachelor degree in Business Administration and m preparing myself for GMAT in order to get an admission to MBA.
I wish I could do Phd. but for that I'll have to do Msc.
Along with it, Alhumdulillah I wear hijab, a good Muslimah I'm Alhumdulillah.
So do not care what others say, be in limits, maintain modesty, hijab and Get educated ~!

of course,it is very much essential to qualify highly as they can for the development of new generations then they have the convincing power & understanding to leads the world towards peace.
Country music fan,we are exteemly sorry to hurt your feelings
because of we have not sufficient convincing power & urnestly request your good selves if you may contact and other relative Islamic channels you may definitely find out the reality about Islam and their real followers.Kindly once again I earnestly request your good selves to keep your some attention on my point of view & I am very much hopefull,you will realize the fact.I whole heartily appologize for any inconvenience is caused to you from Islam
or any Muslims who hurt your feelings!
Once again I sincerlely appologize from my all Muslim brothers/sisters.God bless you.

yes it is required for a muslimah to educate herself to the highest level along with Islamic education...

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