can india and pakistan ever become one country again, under a new flag, a new country name,n new constitution?

hello, friends.. i want to know, can india and pakistan ever become one country again, under a new flag, a new country name,and if required a new constitution
i mean please plz tell me wat is stopping us from joining hands
i c only benefits, if we become one... do u people agree
@ a general level we behave as if its one country and we are the same people (@leasts that wat i belive)
but @ a political level why do we fight
i think there is more to it than it meets the eyes
sometimes i feels politician of both the countries r friends of each other.. we only c wat they show us in the media..
i mean look @ the EU....look @ its economic n political benefits... now even the US is afraid of them... as thingsarer going in less than 20 years from now.. the EU might become one whole nation..
if we do the same wit india n pakistan.. we wud become a much stronger nation! plz hear my pight.. can it ever be done


Religion is the biggest barrier. Hindus and Muslims must learn to get along before Pakistan and India (and possibly Bangladesh?) have a chance of reuniting.

The governments are so different I think it'd be hard to combine them, or for one to take over. And there are too many violent people to allow union to happen. I mean, so many wars and conflicts have happened over Kashmir, just one small part of the subcontinent. Can you imagine what it would be like if they tried to combine India and Pakistan? There'd be a lot of terrorism and attacks.
But honestly I don't think it's religion that's preventing union. Maybe 60 years ago, but not anymore...Most Muslims and Hindus get along in India and live side by side, there's no big movement to deport Muslims from India or anything. India's even had Muslim presidents. There's some prejudice, sure, but there's prejudice everywhere. What's stopping India and Pakistan is the fact that we've had this rivalry for so long it's hard for some people to let it go. It's not religion anymore, religion is a cover for the real hostility. There's no legitimate reason for India and Pakistan to hate each other, but they do because it's been that way for so long. =( I think India and Pakistan can eventually have complete peace with each other, but not be combined.

WHY should India change its name and flag and underlying constitution
Yes Indians accept Pakistan but India has forged ahead India is not hindering pakistans progress
What is there to gain by doing what you suggest in your question and it is my opinion NOTHING at all
India has made a name for itself it is a nation to be reckoned with
You talk of economic progress in the EU and to this I say India and pakistan can form trade and aid agreements without becoming one country
The EU is a group no one country had to change its name or flag etc they are still seperate countries that have their own laws and rules
By doing what you suggest all the terrorist acts in pakistan will filtrate into India and will put the region in strife
The Eu does not have the same level of terrorist threats as posed in the subcontinent region and while I do not point the finger at pakistan it is through pakistans borders that the terrorists are gaining access to India

Well, the main difference, and this is a major difference, is that the dominating religion in India is Hinduism and the dominating one in Pakistan is Islam. Ghandi tried to keep the two peoples together, but there would have been civil war if pakistan was not created. Both countries right now though are in very dark periods unfortunatly, and they hate each other so much for no reason. I think that the first nuclear war could occur between those two countries. It is sooo sad that such meaningless issues can cause such emotions.

No because they will change the new country's name to Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Furthermore, India has and maintains its true democracy but not Pakistan...Pakistan does not respect democracy and human rights plus OSAMA IS IN PAKISTAN !!!

Yes, as soon as the muslims become reasonable people who will accept the rights of others to have differing opinions regarding religion, women's rights, and joining modern/popular culture. I'm thinking this will happen........never.

I agree 100 percent with Sweetheart's reply.
Well Considered, Pragmatic and Matter of Fact...Thank you !


It is not possible at all. if it happens............who is going to compromise????? hindu??? or muslim?????

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