Should Madrasas be banned in India & other countries ?

Madrasas are religious schools of Islam where they are supposed to learn Kuran, Instead Madrasas are becoming hubs for breeding terrorism and fanaticism
Any terror act anywhere be is USA UK India or any place has some link with a madrasa.
Should Madrasas be banned permanently in the non-islamic countries ?


Just listen to -eightytwo-. I rest my case.
Ban them. sooner the better.

There is a lot of things best about India. The people, diversity, best of both worlds, tradition, FOOD, culture, religion, transportation, and MUCH more... which is only found In INDIA, and no other country.

I can't speak for all countries as I only have voting rights in the US. To ban such schools with out due cause would be against Freedom of Speech and Religion. Here's the thing with Freedom of Speech; it's there to be protected, not blindly but with responsibility. Meaning just like it's illegal to shout "Fire" in a public building when there isn't one--it's illegal to endanger life with words, if it can be proved that these institutions are promoting terrorism they can be prosecuted.
But not all of Islam promotes terrorism, or fanaticism and to ban their right to practice would be hypocritical.

Madrasas are in the hearts of every muslim. we will teach them at home how to finish kafirdom

Ban Jamath E Islami, SIMI, and similar Muslim named Terrorists Orgs ; But not the Madarssa or Islam.
Ban RSS, Sivasena, Bajrandal, VHP and similar Hindu nemed Terrorists orgs; But not the temple or Hinduism

Absolutely yes. Especially the ones funded by Saudis.
^ The type of ideology that is attempting to turn Europe into Saudi Arabia.

Students must learn regular secular subjects. madrases
must be strictly controlled as far as the curriculum is concerned. They also should be controlled for quality of teaching. They may teach Koran in addition to regular school curriculam.
The same standard should apply to all religious school.

Ignorance can be a bliss some times and I think my brother you have that blessing.
Let me give you an insight into the subject of Terrorism first and later to Hinduism and you will know we are as tolerant and peaceful as any one. Islam the word itself means peace and you cannot judge a community by the actions of few. If that were the case then many other communities would have more than one label to them.
Historic records prove that a large number of terrorist acts in the 20th and 21st century were committed by non-Muslims. The so-called global phenomenon of “Islamic terrorism/militant Islam” is a creation of the western governments and their media outlets.

It says in the Book of Numbers that whoever worships other than God should be killed, reference to the Bible, yet such militant verses were conveniently ignored by the Western media.
In every religion there are black sheep and the media keep putting these people forward. This is a media conspiracy and a way of pushing people away from Islam. No religion encourages terrorist acts or violence. The word ‘Islam’ itself means ‘Peace, obtained by submitting yourself to the Almighty’. Anyone, be it Muslim or non-Muslim, who kills an innocent Muslim or a non-Muslim, kills the entire humanity. However, Islam goes a step further to say that if one saves innocent lives, the whole of humanity is saved. Injustice is the root cause of terrorism...”
Palestinians are called terrorists just because they are fighting to get their land back. Examples of LTTE (in Sri Lanka), IRA (in UK), Lord’s Salvation Army, which trains the young children to conduct terrorist attacks, and many other non-Muslim terrorist outfits, the lives claimed by these outfits are more than the ones by the so called Muslim terrorists.
Naxalites/Maoists across India and the LTTE in Sri Lanka were non- Muslim terror organizations, which had had developed pan regional bases beyond national boundaries. Other such non-Muslim terror outfits included the United Liberation Front of Assam, National Democratic Front of Bodoland and All Tripura Tiger Force in the Northeast.
Drawing on international examples, the Japanese Red Army, Lord’s Salvation Army and the ETA in Spain were also non-Islamic in character and composition.
So nothing is more removed from truth as to suggest that Muslims have monopolized terrorism. The Irish Republican Army, which was considered to be terrorist group, has a history of 100 years of violence against the British, but the British government doesn’t seem to be scared about them as they are about radical Islamic groups.

Islam does not justify using wrong means to reach the right goals. People should not take the law in their hands. This is our teaching. Hinduism shows us examples of war. Mahabharata and Ramayana are great epics of war. Lord Krishna advises a reluctant Arjun to fight if you check Krishnageeta. This was characterized as fight against evil or falsehood while when a Muslim fights for his land or his freedom this is terrorism????
India has seen maximum number of communal riots in recent years. Politicians have been using the ‘Divide and Rule Policy’ to secure their vote banks. However, the masses should not get instigated by them. Terrorism is a monopoly of politicians. People, regardless of their religion, wish to live harmonious lives, but politicians feed the feeling of hatred amongst them. We should learn how to turn the tables and convey the real meaning.

Are these schools that teach children but which are 'faith schools'? If so, there should be NO faith-based education.
If they are for adults, then you will have to ban bible study and study classes/schools for all other religions.
Either that or you'll have to prove that they are doing what you say they are and close them one by one.
Not all muslims are bad, just like all christians/hindus/buddhists/pagans...

Need not be .But it should be ensured that terrorism be eradicated.

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